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Time Share Resale Schemes, TCPA and Do Not Call Violations

Posted by Howard Gutman | Apr 16, 2024 | 0 Comments

Some companies have marketed programs to get out of timeshare purchases.  Indeed some people have been unhappy with their timeshares, but the resale industry has seen complaints about excessive fees, unfulfilled promises, and unreliable companies.  The FTC has provided a guide and here are some excerpts.  

Timeshares, Vacation Clubs, and Related Scams | Consumer Advice (ftc.gov)

Deception To avoid timeshare resale scams, make sure to

  • Check out the seller. Contact the state attorney general and local consumer protection agencies in the state where the reseller is located.   A good starting point is to check bbb.org with the company's name and see if they have any complaints on file. Also, search online for the name of the reseller, plus words like “complaint” or “scam.”
  • Ask about fees. Do not pay substantial fees upfront because you may not get it back.  It's better to do business with a reseller that takes fees after the timeshare is sold. If you have to pay a fee in advance, get refund policies in writing.
  • Get everything in writing. The FTC says, "Read the contract carefully to make sure it matches the verbal promises you've gotten. Make sure it includes the services the reseller will perform, plus any fees you'll have to pay and when."   We question that because some fraudsters will put their promises in writing and challenge you to enforce them.  Better to check out the company. 

2. Do Not Call and TCPA Violations 

do you have a timeshare

Many companies use telemarketers to solicit customers.  However, if you're on the Do Not Call List, the calls are prohibited and in states like New Jersey, identifying information is required on the call.  However, having a claim and proving it are two separate things.  

  • Document the call   Where permitted tape the call and try to confirm who made it.  Keep track of the dates, times, and originating material.  Do note companies may not quickly disclose their name and may later deny making the call so documentation is important.   

Call for a Free Consultation on your Timeshare deception or Do Not Call Violation. 

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