Owners of various models including Ford E350 have complained of  gas tank problems and repair, and Ford's refusal to cover repairs.  A class action has been filed.  Owners may be entitled to repair reimbursement, compensation for diminished value or other remedies.  Here are some typical complaints.


This is exactly what is happening in my Ford E350 van. It is a known problem. The inner lining of the tank is coming off. It looks a lot like flakes of silver spray paint. My tank was about 1/2 flaked away before it started giving me lots of problems. Stalling, fuel starvation, rough running.  It was covered in TSB 19728. Ford has redone the inside coating design of the tanks, but if like me, you are outside warranty, you are SOL. The only solution ford had was replace the tank for $600 + labor. Needless to say as the owner of a 80000 mile 3 year old vehicle I am not happy with Ford.

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My 2005 F550 Diesel with 47000 miles is being repaired as we speak for delamination of the fuel tank. It is out of the 3/36 warranty. This is a defect.  Do not stand for this, Ford should honor this and recall all vehicles with this problem and refund any monies paid to have this fixed.  They have done things of this nature before, my 1993 f250 sent fuel into engine after the truck was shut off and filled it with fuel causing it to flood out and cost me over $800.00 about a year later i caught a news letter that said ford was reimbursing the money for that problem.   I called ford and got the money. This problem with the tank is going to happen to everyone, I never used anything but diesel, no bio, no heating oil, no additives.  If we all complain to national transportation and safety commission they will take it up with Ford, its the only way.   Go on the web find the sight and fill out the form stating the problem. Ford is making money hand over fist on their defective product in repairs and some have blown motors and putting the same defective tank in again. We all work hard for our money, don't let ford take yours.

Was on an 8hr trip to a conference for work. Had the cruise control set at 70 and heading up a slight grade, she started vibrating like a tire was out of balance. Kicked off the cruise control and it went away. My first thought was maybe the trans was shuddering or slipping. The van had been a little down on power the last few weeks and the pump has been getting noisy. I had bought the fuel filters, but didn't get a chance to change them before the trip. Luckily I was only 15mi from Brenahm, TX and made it to the Ford dealership. I told the service writer about the fuel pump and I asked them to go ahead and change the fuel filters. 4 hours later (they had 15 other diesels in there service bays), they were able to pull the filters. Thanks to the guys at the dealership for getting to it that day.

The primary filter was completely clogged with silver flakes. The secondary filter luckily had no sign of any silver on it. So they replaced the filters and it runs great. I mentioned the service manager the known tank delamination issue. He said he had never heard of it on the vans, just the trucks. They supposedly looked on Oasis for anything and said they found nothing. So i guess i will have to either replace the tank or have it cleaned out and recoated. Hopefully wont have to change the pump, but i might go ahead and buy one just in case. Well I guess it will give me a chance to harpoon the tank.

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