Attached is a description of salvage title procedures from the New Jersey Special Title Unit,  PO Box 017, Trenton, New Jersey 08666-0017


1. Take color photos before and after repairs. These photos must include:

  • a. A photo of the entire front and left side of the vehicle (one before and one after).
  • b. A photo showing the entire rear and right side of the vehicle (one before and one after).

A total of four photos should be taken -two before and two after. (In color, clear, well lit showing all 4 sides of the vehicle.)

NOTE: If repairs were started before pictures could be taken, a damage report from your insurance company will suffice. This report can be substituted for the BEFORE photos.

2. Obtain a bill ofsale for each major component part used in the reconstruction, rebuilding or repair of your vehicle.

The bill of sale must include:

a. Name and address of the buyer;
b. Name and address of the seller; and
c. The date and purchase price of the part.

If new parts are used, a description of the part and part number must be included on the bill ofsale.

If used parts are used, the bill of sale must include:

a. Description of the part;
b. The vehicle identification number (if not available, a statement from the seller as to why it is not available), make, model and year of the motor vehicle from which the part was removed.
c. Date the part was dismantled or removed (if available); and
d. The name and address ofthe person orbusiness which dismantled orremoved the part.

NOTE: When used parts are used, the listing onthis form must be completed with thefull correct vehicle identification number ofthe motor vehicle from which the parts were removed.

Major component parts are defined as:

a.Engine h. Each Quarter Panel
b.Transmission or Transaxle i. Decklid, Tailgate or Hatchback (whichever is present)
c.Front Bumper j. Roof (including T-Tops)
d.Rear Bumper k. Cowl
e.Each Fender I. Frame
f.Hood or Engine Cover m. Shock Tower or Apron
g.Each Door

Assembled items:

  1. Nose (fenders, hood, bumper, radiator support)
  2. Front clip (cowl, frame section, shock and apron structure)
  3. Rear clip (rear sheet metal, frame section, roof)
  4. Short clip (rear clip without roof)
OS/SS-4 (R11/04)

3. Apply for anappointment foravehicle identificationinspection. Toapply, please complete form OS-3 “NOTICE OF APPOlNTMENT FOR VEHICLE IDENTIFICATION” and return all three copies to the above address with a check or money order (DO NOT SEND CASH) payable to NJ MVC for $200 for cars and trucks, $100 for motorcycles. All portions of the application OS-3 should becompleted, EXCEPTthe right middle portion which reads:



$200 FEE PAID (Clerk's Initials) $100 FEE PAID (Motorcycle)

To arrange for anappointment, contact one of the salvage inspection sites at the phone number listed

on the OS-3 “Notice of Appointment for Vehicle Identification.” Also, FAX your New Jersey

Salvage Title for the vehicle noted on your inspection application and the salvage appointment

application(OS-3)to that site. If used parts are used, complete the section below and fax to

the site with the salvage title and application (ISM/SS-3).
An appointment will be arranged at a time as convenient as possible for you. However, once an

appointment is scheduled, you must make every effort to keep the appointment and be on time.

Failure to appear for your scheduled appointment will result inforfeiture of your inspectionfee, unless

you request a new appointmentfive working days before the original appointmentdate. Ifyou are

late for your scheduled appointment, you also forfeit the inspectionfee and must reapply. Inspection

fees are non-refundable.

  1. The salvage title issued in your name;
  2. Your copy of form OS-3 attached to the unopenedpink envelope:
  3. Bills of sale for each major component part used;
  4. Before and after color photos; and,
  5. Work order.

The inspection will take approximately ONE hour. You MAY NOT observe the inspection.

Inspection facilities do not have comfortable waiting areas.

Component Parts Vehicle Identification Number

1. Engine


2. Transmission


3. Frame


4. LF Fender


5. RF Fender


6. Hood


7. LF Door


8. RF Door


9. LR Door


10. RR Door


11. Fr Bumper


12. R Bumper


13. L Quarter Panel


14. R Quarter Panel


15. Decklid. Tailgate/Hatchback


16. Cargo Box/ Pickup Bed


17. Cab of Truck


18. Body-Car


19. Air Bags


20. Misc