Getting Compensation for Extended Warranty Scams

There are many problems with extended warranties.  

Companies may turn down legitimate claims, underpay for repairs, or mislead consumers.  There are simply a number of scams and here are some strategies to address them.

1. Document 

It's not uncommon for a consumer to repeatedly call a company but they suggest the consumer failed to respond to their message.  Letters are still helpful, and if you text, maintain some type of record. 

2. Don't assume policy denials are legitimate. 

Valid claims are frequently rejected.  

Contact a consumer or lemon law lawyer

3. Legal help

While it's sometimes difficult to find a consumer lawyer or one deals with warranties they do exist. 

4. Compile information about similar problems

The Better Business Bureau page is a good starting point for information about a company.  One who has multiple complaints cannot pretend to be conducting a good faith investigation.  

5. Keep a Record of Your Damages

6. Sue the dealer or go to arbitration with or without a lawyer.


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