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Tesla Common Problems

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1. Common Vehicle Problems 

Tesla vehicles have had some common problems. 

  • Software Bugs: Tesla vehicles rely heavily on software for various functions, including the infotainment system, Autopilot, and driver-assist features. However, software updates can sometimes introduce bugs or glitches that affect performance, such as a failed power steering system.
  • Premature battery failure or misstated capacity.
  • Engine may shut down when seatbelts are disengaged
  • Power train may behave unpredictably

2. Legal remedies 

      A. Lemon Law  Most states have lemon laws providing that a vehicle is presumed defective and qualifying upon a certain number of repairs or days out of service.  

     B. Magnuson-Moss Act  This federal law sets forth certain requirements for warranties and provides for recovery of legal fees to a prevailing consumer under certain circumstances.  

     C. Breach of express warranty  Even if a vehicle does not qualify for lemon law, other remedies are possible.  If the manufacturer fails to repair the vehicle after a reasonable number of attempts, a claim can be filed.

     D. Breach of Implied Warranty  Your vehicle should meet certain expectations of quality and performance, and if it doesn't, you may have a case under such a claim.

     E. Deceptive Practices  Misleading or deceptive actions by the manufacturer or dealer could entitle you to compensation under deceptive practices laws.

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