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Defenses to Citibank Credit Card Claims

Posted by Howard Gutman | Nov 10, 2023 | 0 Comments

If you're facing a Citibank credit card claim, you may have a variety of defenses.

  1. Interest Rate Questions and Citibank Violation of Truth in Lending Regulations
    An investigation said.  The Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection (Bureau) has reviewed the credit card account management activities of Citibank, N.A. and has identified the following law violations: (1) violations of the Truth in Lending Act (TILA), as implemented in Regulation Z, by failing to reevaluate and reduce the annual percentage rates (APRs) for certain consumer credit card accounts consistent with the requirements of section 1026.59(a) of Regulation Z; and (2) violations of TILA, as implemented in Regulation Z, by failing to have reasonable written policies and procedures in place to conduct the APR reevaluations consistent with the requirements of section 1026.59(b) of Regulation Z.  The Bureau issues this Consent Order.
    If you have an older loan and the interest rate was increased, the amount sought by Citibank may be inaccurate and the claim can be contested.
  2. Discovery
    If you have a loan potentially subject to the above investigation, request specific documents regarding review of your account.  Don't be surprised if the Citibank attorney just gives you the account statements, but you may be allowed “discovery,” disclosure of pertinent material and documents.
  3. Hardship
    Maintain open and clear communication with Citibank or their counsel. Explain and document any hardship and you may be able to secure a reduction in the claim or reasonable repayment options.
  4. Arbitration
    The Citibank Cardholder Agreement provides that either party may request arbitration. Arbitration is frequently more flexible than court, and potentially more favorable to the consumer.

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