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Complaints Tesla Model Y involving brakes, steering, electrical systems, and many more

Posted by Howard Gutman | Dec 05, 2023 | 0 Comments

The Tesla Model Y is an SUV version of the Tesla Model 3, and they share fundamental underpinnings, features, and equipment. Owners enjoy the Tesla Model Y since it's agile, quick, and roomy, but they also face issues relating to body integrity, climate systems, and in-car electronics. Furthermore, the lack of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility is unfortunate.

Not long ago, the NHTSA identified some safety concerns with the Tesla Model Y on several occasions, prompting nine recalls involving loose brake caliper bolts, suspension, seat belts, brakes, and so on. The issues, which have lingered for a while now, persist into the new model year, with numerous complaints about the Tesla Model Y involving brakes, steering, electrical systems, and many more.

The following includes a variety of problems experienced with the Tesla from Consumer Reports and other sources:

  1. Phantom Braking: Owners have reported issues with the vehicle's autonomous driving system triggering sudden and unnecessary braking incidents, which can be unsettling and potentially unsafe [source].
  2. Suspension Flaws: Some users have experienced problems with the suspension system, including unusual noises and inconsistencies in ride quality [source].
  3. Charging Issues: There have been complaints about charging problems, including slow charging rates and difficulties with Tesla's Supercharger network [source].
  4. Steering Wheel Issues: Instances of the steering wheel coming loose have been reported, which poses a significant safety concern [source].
  5. Touchscreen Problems: Users have encountered touchscreen malfunctions and glitches in the vehicle's central control system [source].
  6. Alarms Triggered Easily: Some owners have complained about alarms being triggered too easily, which can lead to unnecessary alerts and distractions [source].
  7. Build Quality Issues: There have been concerns about the build quality of the 2022-2023 Model Y, including issues with panel gaps and overall fit and finish [source].
  8. Reliability: Consumer Reports predicts that the 2023 Model Y may be less reliable compared to the average new car, based on data from previous model years [source].
  9. Mixed Reviews: While some owners have praised the Model Y for its spaciousness and driving experience, others have expressed disappointment with build quality and issues [source].

It's important to note that individual experiences can vary, and Tesla continuously works to improve its vehicles through software updates and customer feedback. Potential buyers should research thoroughly and consider these factors before purchasing a Model Y.


Unsure how to address your vehicle's issues? Consider potential claims, such as:

  • Lemon Law Claim: If your vehicle has significant defects that impair its use, safety, or value, lemon laws may provide relief.
  • Breach of Express Warranty Claim: Manufacturers must uphold the promises made in their warranties. If they fail to do so, you may have grounds for this claim.
  • Deceptive Practices Claim: Misleading or deceptive actions by the manufacturer or dealer could entitle you to compensation under deceptive practices laws.
  • Magnuson-Moss Claim: Federal law safeguards consumers who purchase products with warranties, ensuring fairness and remedies for defects.
  • Breach of Implied Warranty Claim: Your vehicle should meet certain expectations of quality and performance, and if it doesn't, you may have a case under this claim.

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