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2021-22 General Motors Yukon Read Differential Clicking and Banging Noises

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2021 -2022 GMC Yukon owners have reported rear differential problems, rear end noises.  There can be thumping, clicking, or banging noises from the engine to the rear wheels of a vehicle. Its main function is to allow the rear wheels to rotate at different speeds due to changes in the road or during turns.


Multiple forums have discussed the problems. 2021 Yukon SLT rear clicking noise while towing | New Tahoe Yukon Forum

The rear differential provides a smooth driving performance, improving traction and handling, especially in situations where the left and right wheels need to rotate at different speeds, such as turns.

Service Bulletins TSB Document: M10242843-0001.pdf

The service bulletin advises the tech of a transmission shift condition and the delay in throttle response when the throttle plate is opened rapidly. This Preliminary information communicates that engineering is investigating a repair for a chirp noise associated with the front axle assembly. 

Unsure how to address vehicle problems? Explore these potential claims:
  • Lemon Law Claim: Seek remedies for significant defects affecting vehicle use or safety.
  • Breach of Express Warranty Claim: Manufacturers must honor warranty commitments.
  • Deceptive Practices Claim: Misleading actions by manufacturers or dealers could warrant compensation.
  • Magnuson-Moss Claim: Federal law protects consumers from warranty-related issues.
  • Breach of Implied Warranty Claim: Ensure your vehicle meets expected quality and performance standards.

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