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Howard A. Gutman has successfully handled over 500 lemon law cases.

If you have purchased a defective automobile contact our seasoned lemon law attorney now for a free consultation. The Law Office of Howard A. Gutman provides strategic hands on legal representation to help you resolve your lemon law case. Although our law firm is based in New Jersey and New York, we still may be able provide legal representation for lemon law cases in other parts of the country.

Many new cars and trucks have significant issues with various parts. If you or a person your know have had problems that are affecting your safety, vehicles value, or use of the automobile, then you might be entitled to either a new vehicle or money, including fees to cover legal representation. It's very important to hire a lemon law attorney that is educated on the specific laws and regulations for each state that you must follow in order to file a successful lemon law claim.

Common Misconceptions About Lemon Law

If my case does not qualify for the lemon law there is little I can do:
Lemon law attorneys regularly take cases that do not meet the lemon law criteria and file them in court. All purchasers of defective products have a legal right to compensation. We frequently take cases which do meet the mileage or repair criteria of the lemon law, bring them in court, and secure compensation or other relief for the buyer. We call these breach of warranty claims rather than lemon law cases.

I have three repairs for the same problem, so I know I qualify for the lemon law:
No. Remember the problem must continue to exist and substantially impair use, value, or safety. Many people have significant problems with their cars, but once the problem has been fixed, they no longer have lemon law claims. You should still contact a lemon law attorney, because you may still have breach of warranty claims which can be brought in court.

I have had many problems with the car so my case is very strong: 
The lemon law is written to provide relief for a particular problem which has been repair three or more times. There is no provision in the lemon law to combine several little problems to make one big one. Imagine a person going to a doctor. If he said, I have a bad cough, pain in my left heel, an itch in my arm, some trouble sleeping, and depression, the doctor probably would not take any of the problems very seriously. Likewise, the consumer who says the car has brake problems, transmission problems, a water leak, and suspension problem trivializes any substantial problem he or she has.

Once you meet the lemon law criteria, you simply calculate the statutory formula for reimbursement. Remember that prevailing in a lemon law claim is not always an easy task. Therefore cases may be settled in a variety of ways to reduce the risk of an adverse decision.

Our lemon law attorney will provide recommendations and advice, but the client will make the ultimate choice.

Prior to establishing his practice, Mr. Gutman was employed by one of the leading law firms in New Jersey and a prominent international law firm located in the Wall Street area. Our lemon law attorney has appeared on Good Day New Jersey been interviewed by NBC Nightly News and Newsday, and his cases have been profiled in the Star Ledger, Bureau of National Affairs Magazine, and New York Times.

New Jersey and New York lemon laws have various requirements. However, we have successfully brought many cases for breach of warranty which did not meet the criteria of the lemon law and secured monetary compensation for the problems the consumer had experienced. If you are tired of getting the run around please contact The Law Office of Howard A. Gutman today and schedule you free consultation to discuss your issue. Call and schedule your meeting with our lemon law attorney today.

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