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Questions and Answers About Extended Warranties

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  1. Should I get an extended warranty with my car and if so what kind?

    Legitimate manufacturer's warranties have both pluses and minuses.  You do have to arrange for proper maintenance but with an older car, some potential problems can be covered.  Note the cost and perhaps other items can be negotiated.  However, do not buy a third party warranty.  

    I need to get to work, this is supposed to be covered.

These warranties are frequently issued by shady third party companies.  While almost every type of business is regulated, strangely there is usually no regulation of these companies and if a state tries, they locate in another state. 

    2. How are extended warranty claims handled. 

                A. Manufacturer's Extended Warranties 

You first have to distinguish who provided the warranty, a manufacturer or a third party warranty.  Manufacturers are usually legitimate but they can periodically reject legitimate claims.  One common issue is maintenance.  The dealer's service department is frequently a source of revenue for the dealership and they like to have people service the car there.  If you come to the dealer with a serious engine or transmission problem but no dealership repair items, they may give you a problem initially.    However, if you have service receipts even from a third party they are required to provide warranty service. 

                B. Third Party Warranty Companies 

Many of these companies are shady and disreputable. You should first check on the complaint history of the company with a Google or Better Business Bureau search.  The companies may cover small repair requests.  However, many of these look for ways to improperly deny claims.  From our experience, claims are sent to a B & E Department (BS & Excuses) where the company tried to find some way to deny coverage. Typical examples are: 

  • Denying coverage on a covered item by saying an uncovered one was the cause. 
  • Delaying decisions. 
  • Pretending that a cohort hired to reject claim conducted an evaluation and found no problem. 
  • Saying that a teardown of a engine was needed when the consumer cannot pay for one, and no tear down was originally listed.  
  • Providing promotional literature which talks of broad coverage while putting exclusions and disclaimers in small print and violation of Plain Language Laws.  

    Tactics to Address Improper Warranty Denials

    Consider doing the following, 

  • Send a certified letter requesting that required repairs be done within 7 days.  
  • Consult with an attorney in your area.  
  • Gather literature about the company to compare what they promise and what they deliver.
  • Quickly file suit preferably with a lawyer but without one if you can't find one.  Consider suing both the dealer
    and the warranty company and let them fight out what the coverage is supposed to be.   

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