Volvo XC 90 and owners of other models have complained of transmission failure, malfunction and other transmission issue.  Owners facing substantial repair  ries may be entitled to compensation for repair costs, loss of use,  or other losses.  These complaints have been reported. One site compiled.

“I have a 2004 XC90. So far, complete transmission failure at 83,000 miles (three weeks the shop for a week…$4000 to replace and no offer from the dealer in Austin, Texas to discount replacement transmission or trim cost given the relatively low mileage). Headlights go on and off with “low beam bulb failure message” but it is probably not bulb failure as have had the right bulb replaced twice and now it is “failing” and returning 3x daily. Parking brake problems when car purchased, but repaired after return to dealership. Air conditioning is iffy–sometimes will blow hot air on A/C (may be faulty or dirty A/C sensors, but again, this is not a problem that I have had with other cars). XC90 may be a very safe car, but it is unreliable. Suggest an Acura MDX instead as my wife has one and almost no repairs in six years.

I forgot to add that I had a clogged sunroof drain on my XC90 also and the passenger side floorboard was full of water after a big rain. Dealership in Austin, Texas did not acknowledge that this is a common problem with the XC90 design, but heard from someone else that it is. Dealership was only to glad to charge me to fix their problem.

I realize it’s been a year since you posted your message. we are having recurring issue with our 2004 T5. tomorrow will be our 4th trip in 6 months to dealer service for ABS-skid failure/brake failure/transmission service required message. the 2nd trip was a complete failure and had to be towed. they have replaced a control module, relays and upgraded software. after each service saying ‘should be/hope it’s fixed”. of course, my extended warranty just expired last month. the dealer did make a call to volvo to get a goodwill coverage of the service required last week (my 3rd trip). i’m very interested to see what they say tomorrow. in any case, i’m curious what kind(s) of check engine messages you got before your transmission failed. we have almost 50K miles on the car. i’m just trying to come armed to the dealer service with as much info as i can as they clearly don’t really know what the problem is.