A 2020 Ford Edge enjoying a picturesque drive along the coast, highlighting the vehicle's potential for adventure and reliability when functioning properly.

2020 Ford Edge Problems: Lemon Law and Beyond

The 2020 Ford Edge promised sleek style and powerful performance, but for many owners, it’s become a source of frustration and financial burden. A multitude of 2020 Ford Edge problems plague the model, leaving drivers questioning their purchase and wondering if they’ve got a lemon on their hands.


2020 Ford Edge Common Problems:

According to NHTSA complaints, a significant number of owners are facing issues with:

Common Problem Number of Complaints


Transmission woes: Jerking, hesitation, and clunky gear changes are frequent complaints, making driving a nerve-wracking experience.

As one owner put it, “It’s like driving a go-cart on a rollercoaster” (Alec, Edmunds review). Others describe the transmission as “scary” and “unreliable” (Tearex63, Edmunds review).

Engine troublesLeaking coolant, rough idling, and even complete engine failure have been reported by several owners.

One complaint details a $7,000 engine replacement due to a factory defect, leaving the owner feeling “stuck with a hefty repair bill” (David Boudreaux, Edmunds review).

Electrical gremlins: Backup camera problems, dead batteries, soy-based wiring, and electronic hatch door issues plague some 2020 Edges.

As one owner stated, “This ‘feature’ is supposed to cut down on fuel consumption, but MORE FUNNY is if you put the car in park it will idle to infinity and beyond” (Don, Edmunds review).

Safety concerns: Faulty rearview cameras, inoperative collision avoidance systems, and sudden braking issues raise serious safety concerns for some owners.

One complaint details a near-miss accident due to a malfunctioning rearview camera (Sarah Miller, Car Complaints).


2020 Ford Edge Recalls and Investigations

These problems aren’t isolated incidents. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has documented 3 official Recalls for the 2020 Ford Edge, addressing potentially dangerous issues:

  1. Inadequate Lubrication in Rear Drive Unit (Recall #21V011000) – This recall addresses a risk of loss of drive and/or vehicle control due to insufficient lubrication in the rear drive unit, potentially increasing the risk of a crash.
  2. Distorted or Inoperative Rearview Camera/FMVSS 111 (Recall #20V575000) – This recall addresses reduced rearward visibility due to a faulty rearview camera, significantly increasing the risk of a crash.
  3. Missing or Loose Bolts on Start/Stop Accumulator (Recall #20V550000) – This recall addresses the risk of transmission fluid leaks and potential fire due to missing or loose bolts on the start/stop accumulator.

Additionally, an open Investigation is ongoing concerning the timeliness and scope of Ford’s rearview camera recall (RQ21002). This investigation was prompted by concerns that Ford may not have acted quickly enough to address the issue or included all affected vehicles in the initial recall.


When Problems Persist, Lemon Law May Apply

Owners with substantial and recurring problems with 2020 Ford Edge, like those mentioned above, may be entitled to a refund or replacement under lemon law.

These laws vary by state, but generally, if your vehicle has significant defects that can’t be repaired after a reasonable number of attempts, you may have a strong case for legal protection.


Beyond Lemon Law: Breach of Warranty Claims

Even if your 2020 Edge doesn’t meet the strict criteria for lemon law, you may still have a claim for breach of warranty under the Magnuson-Moss Act.

This federal law protects consumers from manufacturers who fail to honor their warranty obligations. A skilled attorney can help you navigate the complexities of warranty law and determine if you have a valid claim.


Don’t Suffer in Silence: Call Us for a Free Consultation

If you’re experiencing persistent 2020 Ford Edge issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to our experienced lemon law attorneys. We offer a free consultation to discuss your situation and explore your legal options. You deserve to be compensated for a vehicle that doesn’t live up to expectations.

Remember, you’re not alone. Many 2020 Ford Edge owners are facing similar issues. Take action today and protect your rights.

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2020 Kia Soul parked on the road.

2020 Kia Soul Engine Problems and Your Lemon Law Opportunities

The 2020 Kia Soul, renowned for its unique design and practicality, has unfortunately garnered attention due to a series of engine problems reported by owners. In this article, we delve into the common engine issues faced by 2020 Kia Soul owners, explore the root causes behind these problems, and propose solutions to address them.

  1. Excessive Oil Consumption

One prevalent issue reported by 2020 Kia Soul owners is excessive oil consumption. This problem, evidenced by the need for frequent top-ups between oil changes, can lead to engine complications.

2020 Kia Soul owners noted:

Cynthia C. from Victorville, US: “I change my own oil religiously in this car. The oil gets dirty very fast… The car does have over 70,000 miles now, though… How does oil disappear, and the oil light not come on either?”

Corrie C. from Victorville, US: “Great car, but every 2 weeks I’m topping off the oil (about a half a quart).”

  1. Engine Knocking

Engine knocking, a concerning noise that indicates internal stress, has been voiced by Kia Soul owners.

2020 Kia Soul owners shared their experience, stating:

Marion H. from New Smyrna Beach, FL: “When the light turned green, I hit the gas and my car does not accelerate, my lights on the dashboard are out. The engine had totally closed down and did not kick back in.”

Nathan B. from O’Fallon, MO, US: “Driving, normal conditions, engine would stall with no lights, no chimes like auto start/stop except I had to put in park and restart.”

islandgirl69 from Elyria, US: “The car has been back 4 times for the same issue. They cannot figure out what is going on or what is wrong.”

  1. Engine Failure

The most severe concern involves complete engine failure, resulting in stalls and unexpected shutdowns.

2020 Kia Soul owners recounted their ordeal:

Robert P. from New Smyrna Beach, US: “Took it back in after the second oil change due to a tapping noise… 2 weeks later the motor blows up.”

Frank N Dottie S. from Irving, TX, US: “Purchased this 2020 KIA SOUL in Feb. and have issues with the thing shutting off when I come to a stoplight. Have to put back in park and try a few times to get it to restart.”

MJ F. from Perryville, MD, US: “Engine failure – Kia and the dealer took five weeks to ship a remanufactured engine (someone else’s junk) that delivers lower fuel economy.”



Recall and Investigation into 2020 Kia Soul Engine Problems

In response to widespread complaints, Kia Motors America issued a recall (NHTSA Campaign Number: 21V259000) for specific 2020-2021 Kia Soul models. This recall addressed concerns related to improperly heat-treated piston oil rings in vehicles equipped with 2.0L Nu MPI engines. Owners of the affected 147,249 units were urged to contact Kia for a free inspection and potential engine replacement, with the recall beginning on June 11, 2021.

However, it’s essential to note that not all owners experiencing 2020 Kia Soul 2.0 engine problems received a recall notification, and even for those who did, some reported a recurrence of the problem after the purported fixes.

Simultaneously, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) initiated an investigation (NHTSA Action Number: DP22003) on September 12, 2022, in response to a petition. The petition raised issues about oil drain pan assembly failures in various Hyundai and Kia vehicles, including the 2020 Kia Soul. Despite petitioners’ claims, the NHTSA found no evidence supporting a formal investigation into oil drain pan assemblies, concluding that incidents were often linked to improper servicing procedures during oil changes.

Your Legal Opportunities

Owners facing substantial and recurring problems, even after recalls and investigations, may be entitled to a refund or replacement under lemon law. Other owners may have claims for breach of warranty under the Magnuson-Moss Act.

If you are grappling with ongoing issues related to your 2020 Kia Soul, reach out at (973) 598-1980 for a free consultation to explore potential compensation or vehicle replacement options. Our experts are here to guide you through the legal complexities surrounding lemon law claims.



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2022 Ford Mustang Camera Problems

Distressed Car Owner Facing Vehicle Issues

The 2022 Ford Mustang has faced camera-related issues, leading to recalls and concerns among drivers. Owners may be entitled to compensation for vehicle problems and with substantial repair histories, repurchase or replacement under state lemon laws.

Here is a summary of the problems based on information gathered from various sources:

  1. Recalls Due to Camera Malfunctions – Ford issued recalls for the 2022 Mustang, citing problems with the sensing system’s camera [1].
  2. Software Issues Impacting Backup Camera – A software problem in the 2022 Mustang caused inoperable backup cameras, reverse lights, and warning lights for drivers [2].
  3. Misaligned Front Camera Issue – Some 2022 Ford Mustangs were recalled due to a misaligned front camera, which could restrict or disable certain features [3].
  4. Warranty Claims for Backup Camera Problems – By January 2022, around 7,000 warranty claims were filed for backup camera issues on 2015 Ford Mustangs, indicating a history of camera-related concerns [6].
  5. TSB for Front Camera Faults – A Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) addressed coaxial cable issues causing Front Camera Fault Service Required messages, providing a solution to fix the problem [5].

In summary, the 2022 Ford Mustang has experienced various camera-related problems, leading to recalls and warranty claims. These issues range from misaligned front cameras to software malfunctions affecting backup cameras.

🌐 Sources

  1. Cars.com – 2022 Ford Mustang Recalls
  2. Consumer Reports – Ford Mustang Recalled for Backup Camera and Traction Control Issues
  3. Ford Authority – 2022 Ford Mustang Recalled Over Misaligned Front Camera Issue
  4. Carcomplaints.com – Ford Mustang Backup Camera Recall Follows Warranty Claims
  5. Mach-E Forum – Front Camera fault Fixed

Call The Law Office of Howard Gutman for a Free Consultation on Your Ford Mustang Camera Problem

GM Recalls 2014 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra 1500s

General Motors has recalled almost 700,000 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500s and 2014 GMC Sierra 1500s  for a potentially dangerous steering defect.

These trucks’ power steering assist (“EPS”) can cut out, especially during low speed turns, and then return suddenly.  This may result in a loss of control of the vehicle.  Additional symptoms of the problem may include other electrical systems cutting out and warning light indicators going off.

The loss and sudden return of EPS assist typically happens within a one second period and is caused by an electrical/software issue.

The recall follows National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report #17V414 on General Motor’s Electronic Power Steering assist on this make and model vehicle.  NHTSA said the fault occurs when the system voltage drops below 8.8 volts for more than one second, or during low-speed turn. EPS assist is disabled until voltage returns to 9 volts for a minimum of 40 milliseconds, at which point EPS assist returns.  According to GM the underlying problem is a defect in the EPS module software.

GM’s fix is to reprogram the EPS module.  Consumers can also call Chevrolet customer service at 1-800-222-1020 or GMC customer service at 1-800-432-8782 for assistance. GM’s number for this recall is 17276.


Call for a free consultation

Have you done all that and are getting nowhere with GM?  If you are having steering problems with your 2014 Chevy Silverado or GMC Sierra, you may be entitled compensation.  Call the Law Office of Howard Gutman for a free consultation on your claim.