Honda CR-V and Honda HR-V Rear Differentials Investigation

Government investigates Honda vehicles that lose motive power while in motion

Honda CR-V and Honda HR-V vehicles may have rear differential problems that can cause the vehicles to lose motive power while driving.

Reuters reported that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has opened an investigation into about 1.7 million model year 2018-2022 Honda CR-V and HR-V SUVs.

NHTSA says it has received several early warning reporting (EWR) reports about Honda CR-V and HR-V SUVs that stopped moving forward while driving at highway speeds.

Reports claim that all-wheel drive variants of the SUVs experience rear differential lockups at speed, causing a driveshaft fracture and loss of power. A leaking differential seal has been identified as a potential culprit.

Honda confirmed its awareness of the probe and said it would cooperate with the investigation, providing information as needed. We don’t know how or when the incidents that led to reports occurred, nor do we know how many reports Honda received. The NHTSA process requires automakers to submit reports of these kinds of incidents, and if it determines that a defect exists, a recall could be ordered.


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Do Not Call Violations: Loan Solicitations

The law prohibits unsolicited loan solicitations.  A class action has been filed against a loan or funding solution company.

The complaint states,

“The funding solution company  offers loan services.  To generate leads, it makes telemarketing calls to consumers who have never had a relationship with them and who have not consented to receive their calls.

If you received unsolicited calls regarding a loan, you may be entitled to compensation.

New Vehicle Problems

                                                                New Vehicle Problems 


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Range Rover Velar Problems

  1. Land Rover Door Handle Problem

There have been numerous reports of Land Rover Velar door handle problems and malfunctions, preventing the doors from operating correctly.  Land Rover dealerships often need to replace the door handle mechanism or motor to resolve this issue. Furthermore, when the handle extracts, it may appear misaligned rather than flush.

2. Brake Light Switch

Another issue  is a faulty brake light switch, and the vehicle’s computer detects it as unsafe for driving and locks it in the Park.

The fix for this is replacing the brake light switch.

3. Battery Drain Overnight

This is not a problem specific for Velar but for practically all Land Rover vehicles in the past half a decade or more.  After you drive it home or to some similar destination and leave the vehicle for an extended time, it may not start.


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GMC Sierra Air Conditioning Problem

Owners of the GM Sierra have complained about air-conditioning and related problems.


Beyond inconvenience, the typical repair cost is reported to be $1,190

Common Repairs:

  • replace condenser (13 reports)
  • not sure (7 reports)
  • replace compressor (6 reports)
  • replace entire AC unit (3 reports)
  • replace A/C line to pump (2 reports)

Car Complaints GM Sierra

Typical complaints are as follows,

2015, 50k miles, A/C starts blowing warm air. I’m an HVAC tech, checked refrigerant charge with gauges, it’s low. Some quick research reveals a known issue with condenser failures, top right corner, look for the oily spot. Dealer wouldn’t do anything, will repair myself with aftermarket. Auto parts store stated they sell 3 replacement condensers every 2 weeks. Gm is not going to step up to the plate on this one.

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