The  2002 and 2003 LandRover Freelander have had problems of head gasket and engine failure.  Landrover has sometimes refused to cover these claims, but owners still have remedies available.

 Causes of Landrover Engine Failure

“Freelander K-series engines are known to drop the cylinder liners into the block. Because the liners are steel and the block is alloy, the liners being harder, work their way into the block. Because the engine block and cylinder head are composed of different materials they expand at different rates with heat generated during running of the vehicle, causing the head gasket to fail. The bad news is; If the cylinder liners drop too low, the engine needs to be replaced (there is no economically viable repair procedure.”

1. Defect and Implied Warranty

The Uniform Commercial Code provides that goods should be reasonably fit.   A vehicle which has a pronounced defect causing engine failure may violate that warranty.   Thus compensation coverage may be provided after the warranty has expired. 

2. Breach of Express Warranty

Sometimes the vehicle is covered by applicable warranties which the manufacturer or dealer try to avoid. 

3.  Negligence

The manufacturer  may have negligently manufactured the vehicle or notified dealers and consumers.