Heating problems have been reporting on the Honda 2017 CRV and other models.  www.carcomplaints.com/Honda/CR-V/2017/AC_heater/heat_not_working_properly.shtml

Consumers claim their 2017 CRV does not blow hot air while idle. The temperature gauge will  when the car is not actively moving.  One explanation is that the Honda CRV heater problem is e caused by a clogged or defective heater core or a busted thermostat according to HondaProblems.com.  Many consumers have returned to their dealerships multiple times for the same problem, even after a thermostat replacement. In many circumstances, the dealerships have reported everything was operating normally and/or there was nothing further they could do.

The Honda CRV heater problem has caused certain drivers to be unable to generate enough heat to defrost windows in low temperatures. Some owners have gone as far as keeping an adapter and hair dryer in their car for their safety in cold climates.

Here are some typical reports,

his is the coldest car I have ever owned. It literally runs in the driveway for 20 minutes and generates little to no heat. Then 10 minutes into driving it, it finally starts to warm up but if you stop at a railroad crossing, you can expect to be cold again.

I let 2 friends drive the car during the winter and both have called me to ask how to turn the heat on. This is pretty embarrassing and makes me feel very angry considering that I just financed close to $30,000 to buy it.

I am really disappointed in Honda for acting like they’ve never even heard of the problem. At the time of writing this post it’s listed as the #1 complaint on this website and they haven’t even started admitting that it’s a problem, not to mention a safety hazard. People have been complaining that in really cold weather, their windshield freezes from the inside due to no heat generation, I could only imagine what would happen if your windshield froze while driving on the highway.

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