Multiple problems have been reported with the Chevrolet Impala.  Owners with a history of issues may be entitled to compensation or other relief.  Here are some typical reports from carproblemszoo.

Driving in highway and the power steering wheel becomes extremely hard to turn move it completely electric shut off it was in dangerous situation vehicle running and and cant even move the steering wheel dashboard showed power steering need service.

Electrical System and Stabilitrak

I experienced a failure in my stabilitrak, power steering and abs system on my 2014 chevy Impala 2lt. This caused my vehicle to lose power steering, and abs brake control, which while driving on a rainy surface  I have read numerous reports of other people experiencing this issue as well. Chevy seems to have are recall open for power steering, but my VIN supposedly is not impacted despite me having a power steering failure. See

Several videos describe Chevrolet Stabilitrak malfunction.



Owners who experienced problems may be entitled to compensation.  Call for a free consultation, cases handled on contingency with no payment required from you.