Home Warranty Claims

Home Warranty Problems and Claims
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People purchase home warranties for peace of mind, but some have significant problems.  Here are some typical ones,

  • Inconsistent with Promises  There were promises over the phone about coverage but the homeowner finds disclaimers, exclusions, and claim caps, which limit the amount of money the warranty company will pay for repairs or replacements.
  • Customer service They may have poor customer service, long waiting times, and unreliable contractors.
  • Choice They do not allow the customer to choose their own contractor, and may not guarantee the quality of the work done by their contractors.
  • Disclaimers They do not cover cosmetic issues, mismatched systems, secondary damage, or every component of an appliance or system.
  • Baseless Denials They may deny claims for lack of maintenance, poor installation, or exceeding the coverage cap.

Warranty Class Action

Salas v. Whirlpool Corporation et al

COURT U.S., Central District of California


Whirlpool and AIG WarrantyGuard were slapped with a consumer class action Thursday in California Central District Court in connection with the companies’ sale of extended repair warranties. The suit, filed by Green & Noblin, contends that the defendants have failed to disclose that they apply a limit on the dollar amount they will actually pay to repair or replace appliances, and regularly opt to issue a cash payment instead of fixing or replacing a covered appliance. Counsel have not yet appeared for the defendants. The case is 5:23-cv-01549, Salas v. Whirlpool Corporation et al. Source, New Jersey Law Journal

If you purchased a defective appliance and/or were denied warranty coverage, you may be entitled to compensation.