Cars with the Most Repair Problems in 2022

Based on available data, it’s challenging to provide a comprehensive list of cars with the most repair problems in 2022. However, some indicators suggest vehicles from various manufacturers experienced issues. It’s essential to note that repair problems can vary by model and year within a brand.

1. Ford: Ford had a significant number of recalls in 2022, indicating potential repair issues[5].
2. Volkswagen Group: Volkswagen Group also had a notable number of recalls in 2022, suggesting potential repair concerns[5].
3. Mercedes-Benz: Consumer Reports listed some Mercedes-Benz models as among the least reliable in 2022[3].

Please keep in mind that the reliability and repair problems of cars can vary from year to year and even within specific models. It’s advisable to research the specific make and model of interest for more detailed information regarding repair problems in 2022.

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