2023 Jeep Wrangler SUV 4wd Problems

2023 Jeep Wrangler SUV 4wd problems and complaints

 The 2023 Jeep Wrangler SUV 4WD has received a mix of positive and negative reviews. Here are some of the problems and complaints reported by owners:

  1. Engine Problems: Some owners have reported issues with the engine that included a fire risk.
  2. Transmission Problems: There have been complaints about the transmission1.
  3. Steering Issues: The steering is reported to be slow and feels loose, especially on the Rubicon trim23.
  4. Noise: There are reports of lots of wind and tire noise at highway speeds23.
  5. Cargo Space: The vehicle has less cargo space than some conventional SUVs23.

Please note that these are reported issues and may not affect every vehicle. It’s always a good idea to check with the dealer or previous owner for specific vehicle history. If you’re considering buying a used vehicle, it might be a good idea to have it inspected by a trusted mechanic before purchase.

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2023 Jeep Wrangler SUV engine problems

There have been some reported engine problems with the 2023 Jeep Wrangler SUV. Here are a few examples:

  1. Check Engine Light: Some owners have reported that the check engine light has come on in their new Jeep with around 1300 miles. The issue wasn’t related to the gas cap and the dealer’s diagnostic didn’t help. It was mentioned that Chrysler is aware of the problem but hasn’t provided a fix1.
  2. Engine Shutdown: There have been complaints about the Wrangler engine shutting down. This is a known issue and there was even a recall for 62,909 2021-2023 Wrangler 4xe vehicles equipped with 2-liter plug-in hybrid electric engines. The recall, issued on November 23, 2022, warned that a communication loss may cause the engine to shut down2.
  3. Fire Risk: Jeep issued a recall order for about 58,000 Wrangler SUVs from model years 2020 through 2023 due to the risk of a vehicle fire. Some Wrangler vehicles may have been built with an unnecessary and unused frame stud that can puncture the fuel tank in an accident3.

Please note that these are just some of the reported issues and not all 2023 Jeep Wrangler SUVs will experience these problems. If you’re experiencing issues with your vehicle, it’s best to contact your dealer or a professional mechanic.

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Common Problems on 2019 Vehicles

Here are some common issues reported for certain 2019 models:

2019 Toyota RAV4:

Some owners have reported issues with transmission shifting and vibrations. There have been complaints about the multimedia and infotainment system’s functionality.

2019 Ford F-150:

Owners have reported problems with the transmission, including harsh shifting.
Some trucks have experienced issues with the powertrain and engine.

2019 Honda CR-V:

Some owners have complained about the engine experiencing oil dilution issues in colder climates. The infotainment system has been a point of concern for some consumers.

2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500:

Some owners have reported problems with the transmission, including erratic shifting.
The electronic stability control system has been a source of concern for a few owners.

2019 Subaru Outback:

There have been complaints about problems with the continuously variable transmission (CVT) and its reliability.
Some owners have experienced issues with the multimedia and infotainment system.

2019 Nissan Rogue:

There have been reports of issues with the CVT, including potential belt and pulley problems. Some consumers have mentioned concerns about the braking system.

2019 Jeep Cherokee:

Owners have reported issues with the nine-speed automatic transmission, including rough shifting.
The vehicle’s electrical system, including problems with the infotainment and multimedia, has been a point of concern for some consumers.

Please note that these issues represent common complaints as of 2022, and manufacturers may have addressed some of these problems through recalls or updated models. When considering a used 2019 vehicle, it’s a good practice to thoroughly research the specific VIN to check for any recalls and to have a trusted mechanic inspect the vehicle before purchase. Additionally, consulting current consumer reviews and conducting a comprehensive test drive can help you assess the vehicle’s condition and any potential issues.


Class actions are being evaluated for certain models along with recalls.  Owners who have experienced multiple problems may have claims for breach of warranty and compensation for inconvenience.

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Jeep Wrangler Frame Problems


 — Jeep Wrangler frame problems caused a petition to investigate the alleged weld problems, then a formal investigation, and now the end of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration investigation. The 2018 petition said more than 220,000 Jeep frames had multiple weld problems, including with weld penetration, areas where the welds dripped or splashed and porous welds.

NHTSA granted the petition in September 2019 and opened an investigation into 2018-2019 Jeep Wranglers.

But because of a previous steering recall caused by front track bar weld problems, NHTSA decided to include complaints related to steering shimmy or wobble, loose steering and loss of power steering.

Fiat Chrysler said any steering-related problems were repaired under a previous recall. According to NHTSA, the steering problems were caused by several factors that have since been fixed by Chrysler.

As for Jeep Wrangler frame problems:

“FCA identified various causes of weld quality issues in early production (build dates prior to March 2018) including improper welding techniques on galvanized frames and component part variation leading to off-seam welds.” — NHTSA

There were no reports of Jeeps losing control and no reports of crashes, injuries or fatalities.