Home Warranty Claims

Home Warranty Problems and Claims
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People purchase home warranties for peace of mind, but some have significant problems.  Here are some typical ones,

  • Inconsistent with Promises  There were promises over the phone about coverage but the homeowner finds disclaimers, exclusions, and claim caps, which limit the amount of money the warranty company will pay for repairs or replacements.
  • Customer service They may have poor customer service, long waiting times, and unreliable contractors.
  • Choice They do not allow the customer to choose their own contractor, and may not guarantee the quality of the work done by their contractors.
  • Disclaimers They do not cover cosmetic issues, mismatched systems, secondary damage, or every component of an appliance or system.
  • Baseless Denials They may deny claims for lack of maintenance, poor installation, or exceeding the coverage cap.
2022 Volkswagen Atlas on a scenic road - Braking System Close-up

2022 VW Atlas Brake Problems: Your Safety Concerns Addressed

Picture this: You’re behind the wheel of your brand-new 2022 Volkswagen Atlas, cruising down the road with the confidence of a safe and reliable vehicle. But suddenly, you notice something’s not quite right – the brakes start making strange noises, or worse, they behave unpredictably. If this scenario sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Numerous VW Atlas owners have reported brake issues that have left them concerned for their safety.

We’ve compiled a list of real complaints on the NHTSA website from Volkswagen Atlas drivers who have faced these problems head-on. Their stories shed light on the issues you might encounter with your 2022 VW Atlas, and why you should take them seriously.

  1. Squeaking and Grinding Brakes: Multiple complaints describe loud and unnerving squeaking and grinding noises when coming to a stop, making driving feel unsafe.
  2. Start/Stop System Failure: Some owners experienced failures in the start/stop system, causing the vehicle to stall unexpectedly, which can be hazardous, especially on the road.
  3. Defective Brake System: Drivers reported issues with the brake system, stating that it doesn’t stop the car effectively, particularly during rainy conditions, posing a significant safety risk.
  4. Persistent Brake Noise: Despite visits to dealerships, some owners still face persistent brake noise issues, which are unsettling and distracting.
  5. Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) Malfunctions: A few drivers encountered problems with the AEB system engaging when it shouldn’t. This can lead to sudden and unnecessary braking, potentially causing accidents.
  6. Unwanted Parking Brake Activation: One owner shared a harrowing experience where the parking brake engaged while driving, causing the car to come to a sudden stop in traffic, posing a severe safety risk.

These complaints reveal real safety concerns that 2022 Volkswagen Atlas owners have encountered. Your safety on the road should be a top priority, and if you’re facing any of these issues, it’s crucial to take action.


Seeking Compensation for Your Volkswagen Atlas Brake Problems

If you’re dealing with brake problems in your 2022 VW Atlas, don’t hesitate to seek compensation. Your safety and peace of mind matter, and you shouldn’t have to bear the burden of these issues.

Our experienced legal team specializes in helping individuals like you navigate the complexities of lemon law cases. Thousands of consumers receive compensation each year for similar problems with their vehicles, and you may be entitled to a refund or cash settlement.

Contact Us Today – Your Safety Matters!

Don’t let brake problems compromise your safety and driving experience. Reach out to us now for a free consultation and let our dedicated Lemon Law Attorneys guide you through the process. Your safety matters, and we’re here to ensure you receive fair treatment and the resolution you deserve.

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Your safety on the road is paramount. Contact us today, and let us fight for your rights and safety.


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