GMC Sierra Air Conditioning Problem

Owners of the GM Sierra have complained about air-conditioning and related problems.


Beyond inconvenience, the typical repair cost is reported to be $1,190

Common Repairs:

  • replace condenser (13 reports)
  • not sure (7 reports)
  • replace compressor (6 reports)
  • replace entire AC unit (3 reports)
  • replace A/C line to pump (2 reports)

Car Complaints GM Sierra

Typical complaints are as follows,

2015, 50k miles, A/C starts blowing warm air. I’m an HVAC tech, checked refrigerant charge with gauges, it’s low. Some quick research reveals a known issue with condenser failures, top right corner, look for the oily spot. Dealer wouldn’t do anything, will repair myself with aftermarket. Auto parts store stated they sell 3 replacement condensers every 2 weeks. Gm is not going to step up to the plate on this one.

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