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Howard Gutman is the author of a leading article on the lemon law in the New Jersey Law Journal, and recently gave a seminar for other attorneys on the lemon law for the New Jersey Institute of Continuing Legal Education. He also wrote the Year 2000 Legal Handbook, a book dealing with computer warranties, and is considered a leading authority on all types of warranties.

Prior to establishing his practice, Howard Gutman was employed by one of the leading law firms in New Jersey and a prominent international law firm located in the Wall Street area. He has appeared on Good Day New Jersey been interviewed by NBC Nightly News and Newsday, and his cases have been profiled in the Star Ledger, Bureau of National Affairs Magazine, and New York Times.

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If you have purchased a defective automobile contact our seasoned lemon law attorney now for a free consultation. The Law Office of Howard A. Gutman provides strategic hands on legal representation to help you resolve your lemon law case. Although our law firm is based in New Jersey and New York, we still may be able provide legal representation for lemon law cases in other parts of the country.

Many new cars and trucks have significant issues with various parts. If you or a person your know have had problems that are affecting your safety, vehicles value, or use of the automobile, then you might be entitled to either a new vehicle or money, including fees to cover legal representation. It’s very important to hire a lemon law attorney that is educated on the specific laws and regulations for each state that you must follow in order to file a successful lemon law claim.

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